Our Cask Ales & Craft Beers


We pride ourselves in being a top rated CAMRA pub. Specialising in traditional cask ales from around the country, together with a selection of craft beers from around the world. We always have at least four cask ales that change weekly, and our range of craft beers are constantly updated. Our selection for this week are shown below on the chalk board.  Simply select any beer for detailed brewer information and tasting notes 

Cask Ales

All cask ales £3.60 per pint

Uttoxeter             - Uxonian                  4.9%

Shepherd Name- Bishops Finger       5.4%

Uttoxeter             - American IPA        5.2%

Coors                  - Bass                          4.4%

Craft Beers

Click any beer for more detailed information

Chimay (Belgian).                               7.0%

Duvel (Belgian )                                  8.5%

Kasteel rouge (Belgian)                      8.0%

Delirium tremendous (Belgian)       8.0%

Hitachino nest (Japan)                       7.0%

Sierra Nevada pale (USA)                   5.6%

Leffe blonde (Belgian)                        6.6%

Timmermans. Raspberry. (Belgian) 4.0%

Keo. (Cyprus)                                       4.5%

Why not join our Loyalty Card scheme. Buy 8 pints of cask ale and get one free. Equates to £3.20 per pint


Dog & Partridge, Marchington, Listed In The Good Beer Guide

We are delighted, that for the eighth year running we have been listed in the Good Beer Guide 

The Good Beer Guide is the ‘definitive’ guidebook to help you discover good pubs that serve real ale across the UK. Since 1974 CAMRA has produced a completely independent regional guide to the best pubs covering the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland with listings based entirely on evaluation by CAMRA volunteers. With a  unique breweries section listing every brewery – micro, regional and national – that produces real ale in the UK The Good Beer Guide is also an invaluable tool for professionals in the drinks and retail industry. Now in its 48th edition, the beer-lovers’ bible is fully revised and updated each year to feature recommended pubs across the United Kingdom that serve the best real ale. 

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