Our Take - Away Service Continues


Our takeaway service will be available during Wednesday-Saturday 5:30pm-8:30pm and Sunday Lunch Takeaway 12 noon – 4 pm.  Our Wednesday Steak Night  options is still up-and-running! Pizzas available on the Wednesday to Saturday menu.


If you live in Marchington, we’d be very happy to deliver this to your door, otherwise you can collect it directly from us.


Our Sunday Lunch option works slightly differently. We can take orders until 10:00pm on Saturday evenings. Just give us a call on 01283 820394. Have a look at the Sunday Lunch menu HERE.  We ask that you would provide your own dinner plate(s) in advance, and we will have your choice(s) plated, foiled and ready for you to collect when specify. You can come into the pub and collect or if you wish we can bring it out to you in the beer garden. 

Take-Away Menus

Available Wednesday-Saturday 5.30 pm-8.30 pm


To allow us to adhere to social distancing regulations



☎ 01283 820394





8oz Beef Burger, Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries, Salad £9.95

Blue & Moo Burger, Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries, Salad £10.50

Dirty Burger (chilli, bacon, cheese) Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries, Salad £11.50

Hunters Chicken Burger, Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries, Salad £9.95

Halloumi and Flat Mushroom Burger, Brioche Bun, Skinny Fries, Salad (V) £8.50




Bacon and Cheese £1.00





Home Made Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Salad £9.95

Lamb Shank, Buttery Mash, Vegetables, Gravy £11.95

Beef and Stilton Pie, Double Cooked Chips, Vegetables, Gravy £9.95

Chicken Balti, Rice, Naan £9.95

Chilli Con Carne, Rice, Nachos £9.95

Chickpea, Spinach and Cauliflower Balti, Rice, Naan (V) £9.95

Smoked Five Bean Chilli, Rice (V) £9.50


From the Grill


All served with Skinny Fries, Mushroom Tomato and Onion Rings


8oz Gammon Steak, Egg £10.95

8oz Fillet Steak £19.95

8oz Sirloin Steak £12.95

16 oz Rump Steak £19.95

Mixed Grill, Egg £15.95




Create Your Own


Up to 3 Toppings. £9.50

Up to 4 Toppings £9.95


Peppers, Red Onion, Mushroom, Sweetcorn, Chilli, Goats Cheese, Spicy Beef, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, Ham


From the Chippy


All served with Double Cooked Chips


Beer Battered Haddock £8.95

Fish Cakes £7.95

Battered Sausage 7.95 – Unbattered £6.95


Children’s Chippy Menu – All £5.50


All Served with Double Cooked Chips or Skinny Fries


Battered Haddock

Battered Sausage – Unbattered £5.00


Burger with Skinny Fries

Chicken Nugget with Skinny Fries




Curry Sauce, Mushy Peas, Gravy £1.50

Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch Takeaway


Available 12 noon -4.00 pm


1 Course £9.95 - 2 Courses £13.95


To allow us to adhere to social distancing regulations



☎ 01283 820394





All served with mashed and roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables


Roasted Staffordshire Silverside of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding

Roasted Staffordshire Pork Loin

Roasted Cornfed Chicken Breast

Lamb Shank - £3.00 supplement

Beef and Stilton Pie

Steak and Kidney Suet Pudding

Salmon Supreme, Lobster Cream

Vegan Nut Roast (V) (VE)


Smoked Five Bean Chilli, Rice (V) – £9.50

8oz Fillet Steak, Skinny Fries, Mushroom, Tomato, Onion Rings £19.95




Please ask about availability when making your order

Paul would like to thank you all for your continued support

Wednesday Steak Night

Steak Night

Including a free 175ml of wine

Merlot, Pinot Grigio Blush or Pinot Grigio


8oz Fillet Steak



8oz Sirloin Steak.



8oz Gammon Steak, Double Egg.



Mixed Grill, Double Egg.



Barnsley Chop



Pork Chop



All Steaks Are Served With Double Cooked Chips, Grilled Tomato, Flat Cap Mushroom.







The Pub With Plenty Of Beer

We also have a selection of cask ales to takeaway, either in 2 pint cartons to purchase or, if preferred, you are welcome to bring your own container which we’ll happily fill for you. Please note that, in order to comply with Government regulations, your beer must be pre-ordered either by telephone on 01283 820394 or email.

Please check the Cask Ale Board for this week's offerings. In the coming weeks

we’ll have other selections available and we’ll keep you updated.

Drinks Containers

We have a few left to purchase but once these are gone, we are unable to purchase any more (they are reusable if you've bought one from us previously). We can of course dispense beer into other containers. Plastic milk cartons (well sterilised) are ideal and some of you may have own your own growlers (plastic purpose beer containers).  

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