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We posed the question what will the pub industry post lockdown look like and how do we overcome the operating difficulties moving forward? Two days ago we threw this out for debate and this is one of the responses:


1. Remove some of the tables 

2. Everyone needs to book a slot to visit the pub (yep, even just drinkers) - some of the tables could be reserved for drinkers only

3. Operate table service only for orders (yep, even just for drinks) as this way no congestion at the bar

4. All payments to be card only

5. Operate a one way “in and out” system - possibly entering by the front door and leaving by the back door. Put hand sanitising units at entrance and exit points.

6. Put a bolt/occupied sign on the main doors into each of the male and female toilets so they can only be used 1 person at a time (and with reduced numbers in the pub hopefully workable) Put extra hand sanitisers into each toilet 

7. Once used the toilets then you only go back to your table by leaving through the exit and coming back in through the front door ( bit of a faff but couldn’t think of anything more practical ) 


Thank you Diane & Tony White, amazingly great minds think a like, it's like a carbon copy of our every thoughts.

Think we have finally come up with a workable solution (well until as such time as we can officially open the indoors of the pub anyway, here is what we came up with..............

Enter through the front door, this will entail some queueing preferably to the right of the front door .

On entering directly in front of you is the small area of counter where our coffee machine is situated, we will erect a perspex screen here, this will be the order point.

Here you can order food and drink on entering, you will then pass to the left of the bar (the right handsome area will be blocked off).

To the left as you turn the corner, drinks will be dispensed from here.

On receiving your drinks to get to the outside area you will pass through the door directly in front of you normally closed and marked private this will lead to the outside garden patio area.

People needing the loo will pass directly to the right down the corridor behind the bar and form an orderly queue to use the toilets in the corridor to the left.

Now the idea of possibly putting temporary bolts on the toilet doors so that there can only be one person in the toilet areas at one time has merit and will more than likely be considered.

on departing the toilets exit is via the door leading to the patio area.

You will not be able to return into the pub via the two exits onto the patio, to re-enter the premises, order more drinks etc it will entail going back around to the front entrance and re-enter from there.


If you had purchased food on your way in, it will be delivered when cooked to a pick up point outside on the patio. We will have asked for your name on arrival and will call out for you to pick it up.

Food will continue to be dispensed in takeaway food packaging and wooden/plastic cutlery will be provided.

We may use condiment sachets or maybe large plastic bottlers (like at a barbecue and provide sanitiser along side.

we are thinking of providing a waste disposal point for all your food wastage and packaging to be put into for collection and disposal.

The general consensus in the trade press is that outlets will be offering smaller menus which makes a lot of sense and we feel we will be continuing the takeaway service even when the pub is open to the public as we can appreciate some people will be still wary of returning to a bar/restaurant.


We are currently sourcing more outdoor furniture and looking at the possibility of erecting the Marquee (with the sides removed)on the car park to allow more seating space and to provide cover to allow for this country's unpredictable weather.


Possible introduction of the four pint pitcher to cut down on excess queueing?


There has been recent talk of groups of people getting together in groups, unto around 10-12 persons initially.

We could look at the concept of booking areas of our patio area in advance to accommodate groups who feel happier in those persons in their group, family, relatives, close friends etc

These measures we see as a temporary arrangement until as such time as there is some clarity as to how things will work when the weather turns cold and people are actually allowed into the pubs.

How does that sound?

All food for thought, please keep sending your suggestions please, we are formulating ideas on how we will re-open and operate but it's good to hear from third parties and maybe you have ideas that we may have overlooked. Contact us at

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