Ninth Year Anniversary Party


Officially on September 20th I will have been at The D&P a full nine years, the longest I have ever stayed in one place for sure.

Somewhere down the line I hope to be hanging up the spurs but another year, another Party. A belated one Might add but a party just the same!. And so on FRIDAY 22nd OCTOBER we will be hosting another shindig and to get it rocking' I needed the right band and we have found them......


A southern rock Americana band from Sheffield UK. Building on a strong local fan base, their shows are dynamic soulful and rousing. Founded in 2013, the four piece use strong Southern influenced sound as a vehicle for their songs of barrooms, broken relationships and a little bit of gospel.Much of their time is spent playing shows both in their hometown and far more frequently further afield.The Fargo Railroad Co are very much a live band and that, they profess is the best way to experience them!

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The All-New Sunday Music & Dining Club

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